Inclusion & Non-Discrimination Policy

Our commitment to fighting discrimination on Good Dog

We created Good Dog to make it easier for everyone to find a dog in a safe, responsible way. And to us, that means more than just finding you a dog. We want to ensure that everyone on the Good Dog platform has the tools and support they need when finding their new best friend. That's why we aim to facilitate meaningful, long-term connections between potential puppy buyers and dog breeders, shelters, and rescues. We're an inclusive community with people from all backgrounds united around a shared love for dogs.

Dogs are incredible — the kind of creatures who teach us humans how to love unconditionally. We believe the joy of dog ownership is something everyone has the right to experience. To that end, at Good Dog, we're committed to doing everything we can to ensure our platform is free of discrimination and intolerance. Everyone should feel welcome here.

Inclusion & Non-Discrimination Policy

By using Good Dog, all members of our community agree to act in accordance with this policy and our Terms of Service.

As set forth in our Terms of Service (see, Sections 3 and 4), our Good Breeder Code of Ethics, Good Shelter & Rescue Code of Ethics, and reflected in our screening process, Good Dog does not permit racism or discrimination of any kind. Moreover, we are committed to building a community that promotes inclusion and respect for all because we are on a mission to ensure that Good Dog is a safe and welcoming place for everyone. We believe that discrimination has no place in our organization, on our platform, in our community, or in the world. We urge everyone to listen to the important conversations happening in our nation and take an active stand against racism. It is our responsibility to ensure our Good Dog community is a safe place for all and we hope everyone in our Good Dog family will join us on this journey to unite and work together to ensure justice and equality for all people.

We all have more work to do and our efforts will continue to be ongoing, but we are committed to continuing the conversation, to listening, and to working hard every day to build a community that promotes inclusion, unity, and respect. We’re undertaking company initiatives to fight discrimination, racism, and bias, and will continue to provide updates to our community on those here. We’re working hard to understand if and when discrimination happens on our platform in order to put in place effective policies to prevent it. As with everything we do here at Good Dog, we focus on evidence-based research, solicit experts’ advice, and take inspiration from others as we work to develop the most effective tactics in this critical area.

Whether you’re communicating directly with members of our Good Dog community or connecting with other members on our platform, discrimination and hate speech are prohibited. Good Dog does not permit hate speech of any kind. Hate speech occurs when violent, offensive, or derogatory language is directed at a person or group based on a protected group attribute. Examples of protected group attributes include: basis of race, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

Reporting an issue on Good Dog

If you think discrimination or hate speech has occurred on our platform, we ask that you please report it immediately by emailing [email protected]. We have a team in place that leads our monitoring and enforcement efforts to ensure that our community standards and policies are adhered to and that the Good Dog community remains a safe and welcoming place for everyone.

We welcome any feedback, thoughts, or suggestions as we are eager to continue learning and improving and encourage you to reach out to us at [email protected] with any feedback. We are stronger together.