Basic responsibility

The company follows the trend of the new four modernizations of automobiles and continuously works on "five high qualities" to fulfill its social responsibility

In terms of products, the company prioritizes quality, responds to the national call for new energy vehicles, and has initiated new energy technologies, including precise driving mileage management system, humanized low-power management system and advanced "i Booster" energy recovery, which effectively improved the competitiveness of its new energy products. In addition, the reasonably selected and optimized raw materials, and the effective use of high-strength steel, aluminum, magnesium alloy and foaming materials or processes lightened the whole vehicle greatly and improved the economy of the product. The low VOC materials such as 3D spacer fabric effectively reduces the odor and VOC level in the car, making the product more environmentally friendly.

In terms of environmental management, the company has set up a "harmonious and progressive development" module in its 2025 strategy with the goal to develop into a benchmarking enterprise in environmental protection through green production, green industrial chain and so on. In the field of production, the company honors its commitment to the society and strictly implements international and national standards. Responding to national environmental regulations, the plant is located far away from the protected areas, and supports the international and national efforts in natural species protection, showing no impact on the water body or biodiversity. At the same time, the company undertakes the "GO TO ZERO" strategic objective of Volkswagen Group to continuously optimize the results of energy saving and emission reduction of plants from aspects of environmental planning, environmental management, raw material process, process production, technology application, resource reuse, biodiversity, waste reduction, exhaust gas emission, CO2 zero emission, and energy and water resource consumption, so as to achieve zero carbon emission and contribute to the protection of lucid waters and lush mountains.

In terms of employee responsibility, the company has established a sound career development channel and personnel development process and system, set up the FAW-Volkswagen college covering technology, management and skills training, and attached great importance to employee occupational health and employee welfare and service.

Departments and systems of procurement, production management and so on participate in the operation management and industry contribution. The company promotes the "strategy-oriented procurement", to realize the closed-loop management of the full life cycle of suppliers, and improve the ability of suppliers. For the production management system, the company creatively initiated "E-Chain", which can effectively reduce the logistics material consumption of a single vehicle, shorten the inventory cycle, save warehouse space, minimize IT system investment and maintenance, and improve logistics efficiency. Efficient production has led to the rapid development of the automobile industry, and created many jobs in the industrial chain. Suppliers in Changchun created more than 20,000 jobs, suppliers in Chengdu and Tianjin provided nearly 10,000 job opportunities, and those in Foshan and Qingdao offered over 4,000 jobs respectively.

Social Responsibility

In terms of social responsibility, the company focuses on child care, traffic safety, green environmental protection, targeted poverty alleviation and disaster relief

Facing the COVID-19, at the beginning of 2020, the company, in response to the demand of the front line, donated a total of 40 million yuan to "fight" against the epidemic, provided medical supplies and equipment to medical institutions in the areas with serious situation such as Huanggang, Huangshi, Xiaogan, Suizhou, Xiangyang and four bases in Hubei Province, and offered support to the medical staff. As of the end of April, the company has donated 23,085 medical masks, 68 respirators, 2 electrocardiographs, 27 injection pumps, 7 infusion pumps, 100 beds, 100 barrels of disinfectant, 1 ECMO and 15 visible laryngoscopes, which are worth more than 20 million yuan and directly supported 28 medical institutions in their anti-epidemic work. What's more, according to the needs of vehicles in the aided areas, the company carried out innovative marketing and provided a total of 16 epidemic prevention emergency vehicles for the medical and epidemic prevention institutions in Huangshi, Xiangyang and Suizhou in Hubei Province, which reflected the strength of the company's products and supported the local epidemic prevention work. In addition, the company also offered several million yuan of special funds to support the isolated accommodation of medical staff in Huangshi City and the payment of anti-epidemic allowance for medical staff in many places, allowing the medical workers to feel the warmth and support from corporate citizens.

Since May, the pressure of epidemic prevention and control in Jilin City and Shulan city of Jilin Province has been increasing. In order to guarantee the health of children in Jilin under the epidemic, the company once again launched a disaster preparedness fund of 2 million yuan with the subsidiary brands of Volkswagen, Audi and Jetta, to support the improvement of medical and health service and the popularization of child health knowledge in some designated children's medical institutions in Jilin and protect children's health. As of mid-June, the company has supplied 8 electrocardiographs, 1 blood analyzer and medical protection materials worth nearly 1 million yuan to Children's Hospital of Jilin to support the local endeavor in epidemic prevention among children. At the same time, the posters spreading epidemic prevention knowledge were marked with the company's logo and were posted inside and outside the hospital to convey the epidemic prevention knowledge and exercise the social responsibility of the enterprise.

Children are the hope of a country. For children, Volkswagen actively launched the public welfare action of FAW-Volkswagen T-ROC and TAYRON Student Assistance, and the Chimelong Children's Traffic Safety Education Base was officially completed recently. Up to now, 1,636 orphans have been treated by Aiyou FAW-VW Audi Shanghai Baby's Home Project, of which 1,623 children enjoyed a complete rescue process, involving 37,259 Chinese and foreign volunteers in daily company.

In light of the new four modernizations of automobiles and the call of national construction of ecological civilization, the company organically combines its social responsibility of environmental protection with automobile science and technology innovation, and cooperates with Tsinghua University and China Environmental Protection Foundation to creatively carry out the environmental protection innovation leading plan of FAW-Volkswagen vehicles, which focuses on five major fields and twelve topics, including environmental assessment of new energy vehicles and power battery recovery, to gather the top wisdom of the industry and to call on all sectors of society to jointly promote the growth of the "seed" of scientific and technological innovation and the harmonious coexistence of people, vehicles, society and environment. As of mid-May, 35 project applications have been received from Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tongji University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Beihang University, Jilin University and other well-known universities in China, as well as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, Solid Waste and Chemical Management Technology Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People's Republic of China, Transport Planning and Research Institute, Ministry of Transport, China, CATARC, Automotive Data of China Co., Ltd. and other automotive industry research institutions. At present, the project is in the final stage of roadshows, and the attention from the media, the public and the industry have all focused on this innovative corporate social responsibility project, as well as FAW-Volkswagen.

In the crucial year for poverty alleviation, the company, answering the call of national policies, actively carries out targeted poverty alleviation projects and supported the policy of "poverty alleviation must be supplemented by education assistance" by providing online courses and others for the underdeveloped areas in education where the base is located, in order to enhance the development of poverty-stricken areas based on education and reflect the spirit and responsibility of the company as an excellent automobile enterprise.