CSR Management System
CSR strategy 1.0
In 2014, when the 10 million whole vehicles came off the assembly line, the company officially released its CSR strategy, according to which the company will make continuous efforts in basic responsibility and social responsibility and be determined to become a leader in the automobile industry contributing to social development and public welfare undertakings through high-quality operation management, industry contribution, products, employee responsibility and environmental management system.
CSR strategy 2.0
According to the strategy establishment mechanism, topics and analysis of relevant parties, FAW-Volkswagen further upgraded its original CSR strategy to the "2.0 era". FAW-Volkswagen CSR strategy 2.0 takes "creating and supporting the harmonious coexistence of people, vehicles, society and environment" as the vision, and regards "becoming the leader and doer of CSR based on foresight, action and responsibility, and gathering the efforts of people to facilitate the harmonious development of society" as the mission. It adheres to the CSR values of "social demand orientation, multi-dimensional and multi-level layout, the full participation of all brands and systems and gathering the people to contribute to the cause of responsibility, to realize the symbiosis and win-win situation of enterprises, society and environment". With the slogan of "create the future with others", the company will lead all walks of life to participate in public welfare undertakings by practicing its basic and social responsibility, to create a more green, sustainable, efficient and harmonious future for the internal and external stakeholders of the company.
Under the guidance of the CSR vision, mission and values, FAW-Volkswagen has established a responsibility system covering basic and social responsibility. Through high-quality operation management, industry contribution, products, employee responsibility and environmental management, FAW-Volkswagen has fulfilled its basic responsibility, and preformed its social duty in child care, traffic safety, environmental protection, targeted poverty alleviation and disaster relief with joint efforts of all its brands and systems.
Organizational system of CSR
FAW-Volkswagen has established a perfect CSR organization system involving procedures from strategy to implementation, incorporates the planning, establishing and supervising of the effective implementation of CSR in its business operation, and cooperates with many business departments to ensure the results of its CSR endeavor.